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04/03/10 06:35 PM #1    

Bernard Hill

Hey I'm looking forward to our 35th reunion so lets be about making it happen...if I were in the DC area I'd certainly be on the planning committee...our school and rep is largely deserved...I love Tech 77


07/24/10 10:05 PM #2    

David Dowell

Hey where is everybody???? Our class was big,bad' and beautiful. Almost 3000 students and only 1 on the message forum?? what did we do as we got older..lose touch with eachother? Our class reunion (35 years) is coming up soon..lets make sure we can get in touch with as many classmates as we can..any more ideas to celebrate,cookouts, happy hour gettogethers anything to bring us together before 2012. To be honest it was good to see many of my classmates on the last 2 reunions but to be honest it did fall short..I mean 3000 students and only a couple hundred show up? I know many are not in the area,many are not with us any longer(God be with those)but we need to make a concentrated effort to contact as many as we can do what we can to get them to join us to celebrate 35 years of life after Tech. We can do this...lets get going TRAINERS. WE don't have much time.

06/28/11 02:01 PM #3    

William Truxon

David...trip city did a number on you dude...we didn't have 3000 people in the entire school...matter of fact, you would have needed to combine about 4-5 HS to come up with that total....LMAO!!!!!

08/04/11 12:47 PM #4    


Clarence Claiborne

I am in for the 35th reunion.  Just let me know when and where.


Go Techites.

09/21/11 02:23 PM #5    


Clarence Claiborne

What is up with the 35 year reunion?  Do we have a time, place, event, etc. 

Let me know so I can catch up with the Techites. 


09/21/11 04:56 PM #6    

Gwen Borges

Hi everybody,  Lynn Kennedy is around, but doesn't have a computer to use.  She is sickly and can not join us in any of the functions, however, she keeps in touch with me and is maintaining.  So let's keep our Tech-ite in our prayers!!

09/21/11 04:59 PM #7    

Gwen Borges

I'm asking that you all pray for me too!!  I'm going to the VA Hospital in Baltimore tomorrow and pray that I don't have to have this major surgery.  If I do or don't, I'll keep you informed.  Thanks in advance!!

12/29/11 04:43 PM #8    


Rachel Chiles

Hello Techite friends and 1977 family!

I'm glad to have some type of contact or communication with you all. This is such a marvelous and memorable time in our all grown up adult lives, now some of us with adult children, and grandchildren! What a blessing to still be here to share such precious news! I am looking foward to the 35 year reunion, by way of my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ!  Do we  relize came out of a blessed class and at an appointed time in our lives? '77, the year of double completion of either blessings or curses! God is still with us no matter which way it went, but it is He that delivers and will continue to deliver and make new(whole). I hope i didn't scare you off by now, but I did plan to get your attention, to all and whosoever is able to read this. I am Rachel Chiles, a witness in The Body of Christ to day, and i am not ashamed of The Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Gwen, I will be praying for you and Lynn Kennedy. Put your trust in The Lord, Receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, for the pardoning of your sins; Invite Jesus in and allow Him to live in your life, in you! Trust one who has been through the flood, the fire and the rain! Jesus Is Lord! and He Reigns Forevermore!

                                                                                       In His Peace, By His Grace, With His Love,

                                                                                       Rachel Chiles






03/04/12 01:45 AM #9    


Cassandra McCord (Jones)

Greetings Class of 1977

I wish everyone a blessed 2012!  See you at the up-coming events.

Cassandra McCord-Jones


09/06/12 03:02 PM #10    

Pamela Anthony (Hart)


Hello McKinley Tech family,

I hope all is well with all of you.  Looking forward to our upcoming 35th Class Reunion this month.  It is always a pleasure fellowshipping with each of you during this time.  Check out the link above our classmate Derrick Stevens has a beach house down on the coast of South Carolina.  All the information is there on the site.  If you are looking to go on vacation or just a get-a-way this is the place to go.  Go to the site, check out the beautiful beach home and contact Derrick for information on the availabilty.

Peace & Blessing!



06/05/14 08:44 PM #11    

Rhonda Graham

In search of apartment rentals:

Two girl friends living in D.C. are looking for  separate apartments to rent, at  reasonable rates, each would be the sole occupant. If you got a spot that's empy or coming up emptry soon, shoot me an email at

Rhonda Graham


06/06/14 09:20 AM #12    

Christopher Chandler

I have a condo on the SW waterfront in DC, for rent, it is vacant.  I just finished remodeling it and it has garage space to.  Awesome location, 703 495 5916 or 571 331 8435, Chris Chandler

06/08/14 12:39 PM #13    


L'Tanya May (Talley)

I have a two bedroom, two bathroom, condo located in Chinatown for rent $2900/mo, 12 mo lease only, available for rent August 1st.  Please contact L'Tanya May-Talley at 202-309-2519, if interested.

07/04/17 09:41 AM #14    


Tawana Adgerson (Saunders)

It's our 40th class reunion! Have you registered to attend yet? We need our classmates to step it up! September will be here before you know it, so sign up soon. Early bird registration ends soon. Let get cruisin'!!🚤🚤

07/30/18 10:42 AM #15    

Heidi Lucas (Hill)

There is a Community Day event taking place at Union Wesley AME Zion Church (1860 Michigan Avenue, NE) on Saturday, August 4, at 12:00PM - 6:00PM.  Come visit vendors, enjoy great fellowship, delicious food, and entertainment for the children.  Looking for all Techites in the neighborhood to come through.  Bring your family and friends!!!

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